Money Back Guarantee

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Money Back Guarantee for Egg Donation

At ELITE IVF, we understand that fertility challenges can bring financial strain and uncertainty to those who simply want to grow a family. We offer a premium 100% Money-Back Guarantee Donation Program designed to bring peace of mind to those embarking on their fertility journey.

More Protection, Less Financial Risk

ELITE IVF’s Money-Back Egg Guarantee Donation Program offers intended parents up to six embryo transfer cycles. This thorough process increases your chances of conception and makes it extremely likely that you will have a healthy live birth through an ELITE IVF treatment.

Our Money-Back Guarantee is a premium service that offers additional financial risk protection. If, for whatever reason, attempts to conceive are unsuccessful, we will refund you the full and entire fee. Many patients find it helpful to have this as an option as it prevents potential financial losses and enables you to reuse your financial resources for other family-building options in the future.




Our Money-Back Egg Guarantee Donation Program provides egg donation treatment to recipients who are in good health and have a healthy uterus. This is determined by a full screening evaluation, including a physical gynecological examination, various tests and blood work.