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Driven By A Passion For Growing Families

Meet the Team
From our coordinators and laboratory technicians, to our clinical assistants and medical experts, we are united by a common goal: to help future parents achieve their dream of having a child.

Each member of our team is committed to helping you navigate the path to parenthood, from the moment you contact us, through pregnancy and beyond.

David Sher

General Manager
Passion: "Turning fantasy into reality through creativity, dedication and perseverance — in the business world and in my personal life."
Why ELITE IVF: "Getting up every morning knowing that my work is impacting families in a deeply profound way is highly motivating for me." 
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Simone Amir

Special Projects Manager
Passion: "My passion has always been linked to alternative healing modalities and women mpowerment. I have been dedicated to educating and empowering women around the world to reach their optimal health and spiritual potential."
Why ELITE IVF: "ELITE IVF offers a direct avenue for me to combine my natural scientific curiosity, passions and commitments to being of service and helping families achieve their dreams every day."
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Zydre Kryzanauskaite

Logistics Manager
Passion: "I am passionate about life. I love the process of getting new ideas, researching, testing, absorbing and learning."
Why ELITE IVF: "Giving hope, it’s more than motivation."
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Dr. Khaled Abuhalib

Medical Coordinator
Passion: "I have a deep passion for helping people realize their dream of becoming parents." 
Why ELITE IVF: "ELITE IVF is a warm and supportive environment — a great place to achieve my professional goal of helping others build families." Read More

John Arganbright

Associate Counsel
Passion: "Working with clients to solve their problems, to start families, and to begin making memories."
Why ELITE IVF?: "As a parent myself, I know how much excitement and joy a child can bring, and one of my favorite things about working here each day is the ability to help others achieve that as well."
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Danga Baltrus

Passion: "To live life and to feel that your efforts benefit others."
Why ELITE IVF: "It is a pleasure to be a part of a team that does wonderful professional work to help so many people in need to have a family." Read More

Amanda Sanchez

Surrogate Mother Liaison Manager
Passion: "My passions are my family, being a mom, fertility and helping others." 
Why ELITE IVF: "I love helping others achieve their dreams of becoming parents. I love that I can do that at home so I can still have all the time with my own children."Read More

Anna Zia

Program Manager
Passion: "I am passionate about making a difference. When I am involved with a project at work I want to do my best to achieve success. I feel the same way about what I do in my personal life."
Why ELITE IVF: "Working with ELITE IVF allows me to nurture my desire to help others."
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Chiao-Ling Lo

Patient Coordinator
Passion: "Applying my knowledge and experience to help patients and family in need and help changing peoples’ lives for the better."   
Why ELITE IVF: "It is very rewarding and motivating to work here, as I know I am helping families to achieve their dreams." 
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Dr. Marie Pascale

Medical Coordinator
Passion: "Finding answers and solutions. Questioning the world and its happenings is great, but doing my best to make it better is awesome!"
Why ELITE IVF: "Guiding Intended Parents through their journey makes it all worth it. The added bonus comes in a few months later, when they in turn get to share their happiness with us."
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Marisol Cillero Hütt

Regional Manager Mexico
Passion: "I’m passionate about relationships, responsibility and commitment. I love to help others."
Why ELITE IVF? "Working with ELITE IVF gives me the opportunity to bring happiness into the lives of other people."  Read More

Mashal Khan

Technical Support Specialist
Passion: "To be a great systems/networks engineer and human being. I’m passionate about helping people achieve more in their business and making the world a better place to live in."   
Why ELITE IVF: "Great leadership and honest and friendly people— that's why I'm at ELITE IVF." 
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Program & Patient Coordinator
Passion: "My kids and family, the drive and happiness they fill me with. Growing them and growing with them is an endless adventure." 
Why ELITE IVF: "Spreading that happiness -- helping others achieving that dream is the most amazing and fulfilling feeling."
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Dr. Simona Kas

Medical Coordinator
Passion: "Using my knowledge to create a better and happier world is my every day’s inspiration."
WHY ELITE IVF: "Working with a team that fulfills people's dreams is wonderful." Read More

Yaquab Ahmad

Technical Support Specialist
Passion: "I’m passionate about technology, and using it to solve problems. I’m also passionate about my family and being a great father."   
Why ELITE IVF: "It’s a pleasure to be a part of a strong team who are dedicated to helping families around the world."
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Words cannot express our gratitude to our egg donor and the ELITE IVF team. It’s been a long journey, but worth it – our family is now complete.

S & L, Intended Parents