How to Become a Surrogate

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Steps to Becoming tan ELITE IVF Surrogate

STEP 01: Online Application

The first step is to complete our simple online form located here. Once approved, you will be introduced to an ELITE IVF surrogacy coordinator and complete a more comprehensive application to help us match you to the perfect intended parents.

STEP 02: Free Consultation

Once you complete the application process, ELITE IVF will contact you to set up a phone consultation. Your surrogacy coordinator will tell you more about our program and answer any questions. We will then schedule a complimentary medical check-up close to your home.

STEP 03: Family Matching

Once you have been medically cleared to become a surrogate, we will present you with profiles of intended parents and begin the matching process. When we find a potential match, we will set up a preliminary meeting for you and the intended parents. If both you and the intended parents decide to proceed, we will move on to the legal phase, during which every aspect of the pregnancy management will be clearly defined for all parties.

STEP 04: Surrogacy Preparation

To prepare your body for surrogacy, our medical team will administer hormones to synchronize your menstrual cycle with that of the egg donor (or, if she is providing the egg, the intended parent). This will ensure that the egg retrieval and embryo transfer are timed accordingly for the best chance of success.

STEP 05: Embryo Transfer and Pregnancy

The next stage is the embryo transfer. If the transfer is successful and pregnancy is achieved, we will introduce you to an obstetrician in your area for prenatal care. You will be closely monitored and cared for throughout the pregnancy by our experienced medical team.

Your personal ELITE IVF coordinator will also stay in close contact with you to support any and all of your needs.

STEP 06: The Miracle of Birth

When you are ready to deliver, the intended parents will join you at the hospital to celebrate the child’s birth and accept custody of their baby.

Finally, our medical team will conduct a post-pregnancy check-up to ensure that you are recovering well. Your surrogacy coordinator will also be on call post-delivery to guide and support your recovery.

ELITE IVF will be guiding you every step of the way – from conception to birth and postpartum.


ELITE IVF’s staff made everything feel so relaxing. Every detail is fully taken care of to ensure that all runs smoothly during what can be a stressful time. The experience was truly amazing that I am actually in the process again for another couple.