Surrogate FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use my own eggs?

A: No. ELITE IVF only works with gestational surrogates. This means that the intended parents use either their own eggs or donor eggs to create the embryos transferred. There is no genetic link to you.

What medications will I have to take as a gestational surrogate?

A: Each fertility clinic has its own protocols. The typical medications taken are prenatal vitamins, birth control, Lupron, progesterone, and estrogen. Some medications are taken orally, while others are in the form of injections. Your medical coordinator will discuss any medications with you in detail.

What does it feel like carrying and delivering someone else’s baby?

A: Many surrogates say they feel like a caregiver while they are carrying the baby, and look forward with great anticipation to delivering the baby to the intended parents at the end of an incredible journey.

Can I choose the individual or couple who I work with?

A: Yes. The decision to work with an individual or couple is mutually agreed upon by both parties. You will be presented with profiles of intended parents who meet your criteria and you will personally select which aspiring parents you would like to meet. The relationship between you and the intended parents is crucial and your role in this process is extremely important.

Will my expenses be covered?

A: Yes. There are no out-of-pocket surrogacy-related expenses for ELITE IVF surrogates. All necessary expenses for the screening, transfer, pregnancy, and birth are covered. You will also receive a monthly payment from the intended parents to assist with miscellaneous expenses that you incur during surrogacy.

Is there compensation for being a surrogate?

A: ELITE IVF compensates surrogates at varying levels, depending on your location, and according to the laws and regulations of your country. A surrogate can receive an expense reimbursement up to $40,000.

How are financial issues handled?

A: All funds related to your surrogacy will be held in a trust or escrow account. This will be managed by either an independent attorney or an experienced escrow company. Reimbursement for all related expenses will be paid to you via this trust account.

All financial matters will be handled by ELITE IVF, so it will never affect your relationship with the intended parents.


I want to personally thank all of you at ELITE IVF for how wonderful everything has been. I would refer ELITE IVF to anyone that needs your services. This is my first time experience as a gestational surrogate and it has been a beautiful experience that I will always remember.