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How Much DoEgg Donors Make?

How Much Do Egg Donors Make?

The reimbursement for each egg donor varies based on a number of factors. On average, it ranges from $5,000-8,000 per donation and can be repeated safely and easily up to 6 times— this is one of the many rewards for helping someone who is struggling with infertility. 

Learn more about how it works below. 

How It Works

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Egg donation is a life-changing process by which an egg donor can donate eggs that are naturally released during a single monthly menstrual cycle to help a family  conceive a child if they have a medical issue that prevents them from doing so on their own. The donor’s eggs are transferred to the aspiring parent or a gestational surrogate (if they cannot carry a pregnancy due to medical challenges or other reasons). 

Who Can Be an Egg Donor?

      The prospective egg donor must:
      • Be between the ages of 18 and 30
      • No reproductive disorders or abnormalities
      • Physically and emotionally healthy
      • Have a healthy weight (BMI under 28)
      • Have regular monthly periods
      • Non-Nicotine user, Non-smoker, Non-drug user
      • Willing to undergo medical/psychological screening
      • Excited to help someone build a family

If you meet the egg donor criteria above, then we would love to hear from you.

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Egg Donation in Canada

Is egg donation legal in Canada?

A:Yes, becoming an egg donor —  and/or receiving an egg through egg donation — is legal in Canada. However, it is not legal to purchase an egg from a donor or someone acting on behalf of a donor.

While asking for direct compensation is not permitted, the Canadian law allows for a certain level of reimbursement for expenses. We recommend working with an experienced fertility agency, such as ELITE IVF, to help you navigate the Assisted Human Reproductive Act and guide you throughout the process. Email us or Call +1 (866) 354-8348 to speak with an egg donation coordinator. We would be happy to answer any of your questions. 

How much can egg donors be reimbursed in Canada?

A: Every donor is different, however the average is between $5,000 — $8,000 for every completed donation cycle.

What expenses are typically covered?

A:Related expenses that are eligible for reimbursement may include: 

  • Groceries and/or prepared food 
  • Gym memberships
  • Housekeeping
  • Childcare or pet care
  • Massage, chiropractic, foot care, etc.
  • Travel, lodging and/or mileage to appointments
  • Related travel etc for a friend to accompany you 
  • Any lost wages
  • Cost of medications
  • And More

Egg Donation in the United States

Is egg donation legal in the US?

A: Yes, it is legal and accepted throughout the US.

How much are egg donors compensated in the US?

A: Compensation typically starts at $3,000 and can increase to $10,000, or beyond. Compensation depends on various factors, such as the number of mature oocytes (eggs) produced, medical and lifestyle history, ethnic background, educational background and more. As well, donors who have successfully donated before or who have particular qualities that are in-demand may be compensated more.

How often can you donate your eggs?

A: You can be an egg donor up to 6 times in a lifetime, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines. There should be a minimum of 3 months between each egg donation cycle.

Who pays for the procedures?

A: All medical and psychological screening, fertility medications, medical expenses related and legal fees related to the egg donation cycle are paid for by the aspiring parents.

What are the other advantages to becoming an egg donor?

A: Egg donors gain valuable knowledge about their genetic, physical, and fertility health as a result of the screening process. An experienced fertility agency, such as ELITE IVF, can guide you in detail to ensure that your expenses are properly covered and/or reimbursed.


Becoming an Egg Donor With ELITE IVF


Whether you are considering egg donation for the first time, or if you have successfully completed an egg donation cycle in the past, ELITE IVF will manage every detail to ensure you are taken care of throughout the process. That way, you can focus on the many rewards that come from helping someone overcome infertility.

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Giving someone the opportunity to have the family they dreamed of has been more rewarding than I could have imagined.

Maria S., Egg Donor