Benefits of Cross Border Fertility

Profile ELITE IVF is positioned at the intersection of advanced reproductive medical technology, customized private health care, and a deep understanding of the real needs of fertility patients. We have the ability to offer the kind of solutions that today’s patients want. We provide our services in a global setting because we believe the world’s growing interconnectivity provides patients with the opportunity to receive quality fertility care at affordable cost. And with ELITE IVF™s global reach and signature management platform, we offer a wide variety of choices that can be successfully managed and implemented from anywhere in the world.

Working with partner clinics and fertility experts across North America, Central America, and Europe offers enormous potential to our patients. We facilitate access to advanced reproductive medical technology and provide our fertility patients with choices that help achieve the goal of getting pregnant and having a baby.

Traveling to ELITE IVF’s Destination Clinics is Easy

One of the advantages of ELITE IVF’s cross-border IVF platform is that all patients are provided with a support system to make their trip as calm and relaxing as possible. Every patient receives the following:

  • A Logistics Coordinator to manage the patient™s complete travel plan, flight itinerary and hotel reservations
  • A personal Medical Coordinator to guide the patient throughout the entire project with 24/7 availability.
  • An On-Site Coordinator to greet the patient at the airport upon arrival at their destination city and manage the stay throughout their visit until their departure. This includes a personal escort to the hotel and clinic as well as touristic attractions
  • A Private Chauffeur to transport the patient to and from the airport, hotel, and clinic
  • A local mobile phone to use throughout the trip for easy access to local and worldwide ELITE IVF staff, including the on-site coordinator’s mobile number as well as a direct patch to ELITE IVF’s 24-hour global response center.
  • A complimentary guided tour

Customized Fertility Care – It’s What We’re Known For

Our patients have one job and one job only – to show up for treatment, leaving the rest for ELITE IVF’s cross-border case management team. Let us take on your stress so that you can stay focused on yourself and what matters most to you – your treatment. We handle everything and are ready to serve your every need. Here is how a typical “week away” at one of ELITE IVF’s destination clinics would work: Step 1: On the day after your arrival, an initial consultation with the attending physician is scheduled. Details of your treatment plan are discussed, giving you the opportunity to ask any last minute questions and to prepare for the planned events of the week. On the same day, semen is collected from the intended father (if fresh semen is used). At this time, eggs are retrieved from the egg donor, and the fertilization gets underway and embryos are created. Step 2: Over the next 3-5 day period, you can either rest at your luxurious 5-star hotel or enjoy the sights of the destination city that you are visting, by way of a private guided tour and local meal, compliments of ELITE IVF. Step 3: On the day of the embryo transfer, your on-site coordinator will meet you at the hotel and escort you to the clinic for the embryo transfer. Step 4: You will spend a full day of rest at the hotel. After rest, you are chauffeured to the airport for the trip home. Step 5: Twelve days after your embryo transfer, a quantitative beta-HCG (blood) test is scheduled by ELITE IVF and performed at your home referring clinic. If the embryo transfer has been successful and pregnancy is confirmed (70% chance that it will, given our historic success rates), ELITE IVF provides you and your clinic a protocol for medication reduction and a schedule of recommended ultrasounds for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. As a courtesy, ELITE IVF remains available to you until the end of the first trimester for second-opinion queries or emergency support, if requested.

What Patients Say

“The time of the embryo transfer, the service received at the destination country was flawless. The On-Site Coordinator assigned to us was extremely efficient and always responsive to our needs. The procedures, appointments, schedules were all very clear. Upon our return, as agreed, we received all necessary support leading to our positive pregnancy results. ”

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