Why Egg Donation

Egg donors are a practical solution for intended parents needing assistance with starting a family. An egg donation program helps women who have been unsuccessful at achieving a viable pregnancy with their own eggs, or provides a solution for male couples who, through also the use of a surrogate, want to experience the joy of having a child. For women, there may be a number of reasons for struggling with sustaining a pregnancy and for needing help from an egg donor. Common Reasons an Egg Donor is Needed to Have a Baby Oocyte Viability Ovarian failure is often related to advanced reproductive age, but in approximately eight percent of the cases, it occurs earlier than mid-age (40-45 years). In the majority of these cases, the cause for ovarian failure is unexplained. In these instances, an egg donor program provides a solution by locating an egg donor who meets the patient’s criteria and offers replacement eggs to facilitate the possibility of a pregnancy. Early Menopause & Developmental Disorders For other women, the early onset of menopause—even as young as their 30s—leads to the use of an egg donation program. Likewise, women who have been born without ovaries or other reproductive organs may find a full-service egg donation agency to be of invaluable help when they are ready to start a family. Genetic Disorders, Disease, or Poor Responses to Treatment Other reasons why women use a full-service egg donation agency is to avoid passing on genetic disorders, or because they have not responded well to the hormone treatments given during IVF therapy. Sometimes, a woman’s reproductive organs have been damaged by... read more

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