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Become a Parent

Discover a World of Support with a Global IVF Agency

We know that starting a family can often feel like a long and tiring journey. As an aspiring parent, you want to explore every option. At ELITE IVF, we combine concierge-level care with cutting-edge fertility technology. Our global team of fertility specialists, clinics and coordinators help to turn your dream of having a baby into a reality.

When it comes to fertility, timing is of the essence. That’s why we have built effective pre-screening procedures to ensure a faster time to treatment, better fertility outcomes, and higher pregnancy success rates. With our knowledge and 15 years of experience, we will develop a customized fertility treatment plan tailored to your unique medical needs – and backed by science.

With fertility challenges, it can take a village of support – and that’s exactly what we have built. From our community of pioneering physicians, to our partnerships with esteemed fertility clinics, you are always in expert hands with ELITE IVF.

Matching Fertility Challenges
with Real Solutions

ELITE IVF offers a wide range of fertility services, including:

Egg Donation / Semen Donation:

Choose from an international pool of pre-screened donors to find the perfect match for your family. We are one of the few fertility agencies to offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee Donation Program, and at least 6 quality embryos (blastocysts) for a higher success rate – with fewer risks (as part of our Live Birth Guarantee Program). We offer a variety of program options to suit your medical needs, including fresh egg donation, frozen egg donation and hybrid solutions. Learn more.


Surrogacy Solutions:

If surrogacy is a fit for your medical needs, our team will manage the entire process. This includes surrogate recruitment, matching, legal, escrow, logistics and medical arrangements. We will be there every step of the way to hold a hand and lend an ear.


Conventional IVF Treatment:

If you require IVF treatment using your own eggs to achieve a pregnancy, ELITE IVF’s cross-border treatment is extremely cost-effective. Our team coordinates the entire process, including all travel and accommodation. We also manage your medical preparation and follow up before, during and after your visit to our clinics abroad.


Cross-Border Fertility:

ELITE IVF has a network of partner clinics, donors and surrogates around the globe, and can offer intended parents a variety of options to suit their individual circumstances.

Custom Egg Donor Search:

Our donor coordination team will help you find your perfect match from our international donor pool. Spend less time searching and more time reviewing your potential egg donors.


IVF Cycle Coordination:

We offer professional management services for patients who prefer to independently select their egg donor or surrogate, or who want to use their own eggs and semen but require travel abroad. Our team will help organize and coordinate medical treatment, legal agreements and logistics. Let our experts guide and protect you.


Treatment packages may be paid in installments through our financing program. We have no hidden fees or unpredictable payments. Our programs are single price, and all-inclusive.


Freezing/Vitrification (Cryopreservation):

This advanced technology allows for freezing of eggs, semen and embryos for storage or shipment to our partner clinics. We are proud of our 99% survival rate for donated oocytes, semen and embryos.

Cryo-Transport of Eggs, Embryos and Semen:

ELITE IVF offers cryo-transport services for safe transportation of your embryos, eggs and semen. When it comes to precious cargo, we ensure nothing is left to chance. Our personal hand-carry service onboard a flight ensures that your biological material is safely within our sight and reach at all times. We also guarantee that your biological material avoids harmful x-ray radiation at airports and cross-border entry points.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD):

We provide a Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) or PGS (Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening) service to ensure embryos are free of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities. These powerful genetic and chromosomal tests help intended parents safely build healthy families – faster.

Embryo Donation:

Embryo donation is the ultimate gift. Carefully cryopreserved embryos – remaining after a patient’s IVF cycle – can be donated, at the patient’s request, to qualified recipients for implantation.

International Medical Advisory:

We provide complete access to second and third medical opinions from a global network of professional fertility experts. Achieve peace of mind with our trusted, expert medical team.

Gender Selection:

We offer a Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) to determine the gender of embryos prior to the embryo transfer.

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The team at ELITE IVF did a lot of behind-the-scenes work for us and we appreciated their timely manner, expedient responses, explanations, hard work, and words of encouragement. We have now realized our dream of having our child, thanks to ELITE IVF.

Catherine, New Parent