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General Medical Process Questions

What do I need for starting the process of IVF treatment with an egg donor?

A: The first step is to fill out our online Donor Form  and inform us of your preferred criteria for a donor. Once completed, you will be assigned with a personal Donor Coordinator. Your Coordinator will talk you through your options for egg donation and answer any questions you may have about the procedure. Once you fully understand our process and you have selected your egg donor, you will receive an agreement to sign. A deposit is also required to secure your egg donor. We will then work together with your fertility clinic to begin your IVF treatment, while closely monitoring your progress. Our team will provide you with guidance during your journey and up until you achieve a pregnancy.

How long does it take to reach the embryo transfer stage when doing egg donation?

A: With our Fresh Egg Donation programs, the embryo transfer will occur no more than 45–60 days from the date of your signed agreement and confirmed donor selection with ELITE IVF. With our frozen embryo programs, it may take up to 90 days.

What is the recovery time after the embryo transfer?

A: Most patients feel well enough to leave the fertility clinic approximately 30 minutes after the embryo transfer. We also recommend that you take it easy for the rest of the day. If you have travelled to one of our cross-border clinics, we will arrange for an extra night at your hotel before you return home. You should be able to resume any regular activities the day after the embryo transfer.

Is there an age limit for intended parents to be accepted into the egg donation program?

A: While your age is taken into account, the primary factors in determining if you are a good candidate for an egg donation depends on the physical examination of the medical team. Our specialist(s) will review your overall health, condition of your uterus and your ability to both sustain a pregnancy and deliver a baby after entering the egg donation program. Our specialist medical team will confirm your acceptance accordingly. Our egg donation program provides an opportunity to use oocytes of a person who has proven fertility, meaning there is a high probability of fertilization and implantation. ELITE IVF’s intended parents typically range in age from late 20s to early 50s.

How many eggs (oocytes) should I expect to receive?

A: You will receive a minimum of 10 oocytes using ELITE IVF’s fertility treatment, provided you are not sharing a donor with other recipients (through our shared fresh egg donor program). On average, we collect in the range of 12–16 oocytes from our egg donors. If there is any excess it is allocated to your treatment, along with the 12-16 eggs.

Will I experience any discomfort with either the testing or the procedure itself?

A: The pre-IVF cycle lab tests include blood work and an evaluation of the cavity of the uterus. Both carry only minimal discomfort, much like a Pap Smear or an IUI procedure.

Are there any side effects of the medications used for IVF treatment?

A: The prescribed medications may have short-term or temporary side effects. These can include abdominal bloating, low-grade headaches, hot flashes and mood swings. Any side effects usually dissipate shortly after the treatment.

Questions About Egg Donors

Are egg donors anonymous?

A: Yes. ELITE IVF’s egg donors are anonymous. This means that the donor’s personal information is confidential, and the intended parents are not able to contact her directly. Most egg donors disclose photos, background information, education, and hobbies or special interests.

I would prefer to have treatment in a specific region, such as Latin America. Will my donor be of Latin American descent?

A: ELITE IVF has a large and diverse donor network within each region where we operate. We work with local donors of various backgrounds, meaning that if you selected Latin America as your preferred region for treatment, donors of various ethnicities residing in Latin America will be available to you. For instance, you could find a Caucasian donor of European descent living in Latin America.

What screening do egg donors undergo?

A: All ELITE IVF egg donors are pre-screened for infectious diseases, genetic problems, and both physical and psychological well-being. Our rigorous screening process is in accordance with the highest standards prescribed by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the European Society of Human Reproduction.

Questions About Frozen Embryos and Shipping

Is it possible to have frozen oocytes or embryos shipped to my local clinic?

A: Yes. We partner with the world’s leading fertility centers who have mastered the art of vitrification (freezing) methods. We also employ our own specially trained couriers to hand-carry frozen biological material cross-border, ensuring that your frozen sperm, eggs and embryos reach your clinic safely — with a guarantee of not being exposed to harmful X-Ray radiation screening. We have a perfect 15-year track record of safe delivery and are the only agency that ensures the value of your transported biological material.

What is the waiting period to receive frozen eggs or embryos?

A: The waiting period between donor selection and the embryo transfer may be slightly longer due to international shipment and customs. This may translate into an extra 30-45 days of waiting time, however, you can enjoy the convenience of having your frozen embryos or donated eggs delivered to your home clinic, instead of traveling abroad.

Is there a difference in pregnancy success rates with fresh vs frozen eggs?

A:  No. Our pregnancy success rate for vitrified (frozen) eggs is similar to that of fresh eggs — which is a testament of our leading-edge fertility techniques. With our frozen embryo program, patients are guaranteed a minimum of 4 embryos at the blastocyst stage. Cycles involving the use of frozen blastocysts are known to produce high pregnancy rates.

Are there other benefits to using frozen blastocysts from ELITE IVF?

A:  Yes. Unlike when doing a fresh egg donation cycle, the frozen embryo program allows ELITE IVF to provide you with a guaranteed outcome and a clear deliverable — a minimum number of hiqh quality blastocysts. If something goes wrong with the fresh fertilization of your donor’s eggs, ELITE IVF will repeat the cycle and make up the deficit — so you always receive exactly what you’re promised.

How long can my embryos remain frozen?

A:  Indefinitely. A continued, annual payment guarantees that your cryopreserved oocytes, sperm, embryos and/or frozen gametes remain in safe storage.

Can you combine fresh and frozen egg fertilization techniques?

A:  Yes. We are one of the few agencies to offer a hybrid program with fresh fertilization and frozen embryo transfers — with guaranteed outcomes.

This is how the program works:

  • Step 1: ELITE IVF works with you to find the perfect egg donor for your family.
  • Step 2: Semen is collected from the intended father, or a sperm donor. The semen is then frozen using the most advanced and proven techniques, and safely delivered to your egg donor’s clinic by ELITE IVF.
  • Step 3: Your donor undergoes a fresh egg donation cycle and her eggs are retrieved. This takes place at an ELITE IVF partner clinic close to your donor, so the eggs can be fertilized fresh.
  • Step 4: The entire egg cohort (all the donor’s retrieved eggs) is then fertilized with the semen collected in Step 1.
  • Step 5: The fresh fertilized embryos grow for 5 days*. This is called the blastocyst stage. Embryos that make it to this stage have better pregnancy outcomes. ELITE IVF’s frozen embryo program guarantees you a minimum of four blastocysts.
  • Step 6: The blastocysts are then carefully frozen and delivered to your fertility clinic. ELITE IVF accompanies your embryos the entire journey from start-to-finish, including their safe transport back to your clinic.
  • Step 7: The fertilized embryos are implanted into the recipient  (intended mother or gestational surrogate).

Questions Regarding Program Fees

How does the cost of your program compare to other IVF egg donation programs?

A:  When you travel abroad for your fertility treatment, you benefit by paying up to 40% less than you would at other North American alternatives. Our cross-border program is ideal for those who are able to travel and would like a more cost-effective IVF solution. For patients who prefer not to travel outside of North America, ELITE IVF’s programs offer savings of 5-10% within the U.S. We also offer competitive pricing for both standard egg donation and surrogate recruitment within North America.

Are there any added or hidden costs?

A:  ELITE IVF’s standard programs are all-inclusive for your convenience. Our goal is to make your fertility journey as comfortable as possible, allowing you to focus on your treatment without distractions or concerns about hidden costs. Your ELITE IVF representative will clearly outline the details of your program, including any exclusions that may apply — if exceptions to your case are required, you will be informed of this upfront. We strive for transparency and unparalleled customer service during your fertility journey with us.

Why do different treatment destinations carry different program fees?

A:  One of ELITE IVF’s goals is to provide patients with affordable and high-performance IVF programs that provide the best quality. Our cross-border programs help to provide more fertility treatment options for intended parents. Program fees will depend on the destination region’s cost-of-living and medical costs, which vary from country to country.


Other key factors that affect the program fee include:

  • Intended parents’ traveling costs (the distance between the recipient and the destination for the egg donation treatment)
  • Donor traveling costs (in our U.S. program, most donors travel to the clinic closest to the intended parents)
Does ELITE IVF offer financing?

A:  Yes. ELITE IVF partners with financial institutions that offer financing specifically for patients seeking IVF treatment. Please speak with your Program Coordinator to receive further information on your financing options. At this time, our current financing options are for Canadian and U.S. residents only.

Cross-Border Fertility Questions

Do I need to travel abroad for treatment?

A:  Travel requirements depend on your fertility program and individual needs. Our frozen and hybrid egg donation and embryo programs do not require you to travel. In these programs, frozen donor eggs or frozen embryos will be safely delivered to your fertility clinic. For fresh egg donation programs, travel is sometimes required. If we are able to send the egg donor to a clinic close to your location, then you do not need to travel. Our cross-border fertility program enables you to save up to 40% of your total egg donation treatment costs — even with your travel costs included. Our partner fertility clinics are located in North America, Central America and Europe. Regardless of where your treatment takes place, you can expect leading medical attention at significant cost savings with ELITE IVF.

Are your cross-border partner clinics located in safe areas?

A:  Yes. We have partner clinics in major cities with regular international traffic. Our patients stay at 5-star deluxe accommodations in central and safe areas of each city. The accommodations used by our patients are often where executives, ministers and top government officials stay while visiting the region. The areas are safe, clean and well-catered to tourists. The destination fertility clinics are also located close to hotels where patients stay. Your On-Site Patient Coordinator will be at the airport to greet you when you arrive for your cross-border treatment. They will escort you to your hotel, clinic and any tourist attractions that you wish to see. You also have access to a private chauffeured car and company mobile phone for the duration of your stay.


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