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Treatment Process

ELITE IVF’s Fertility Treatment Process

At ELITE IVF, we base our signature fertility treatment process on the four P’s: Preference, Preparation, Procedure and Pregnancy.


ELITE IVF listens to your needs. We work directly with you to locate the egg donor who best matches your preferences and criteria.

Using our global egg donor pool, we locate the most fitting match for your family, waiting for your final approval before proceeding. Our donor-matching service is free of charge and there is no obligation to sign an agreement or pay any fees. We only request a deposit once you have approved an egg donor and decided to proceed to treatment.



We support you at every step of the process. Your own ELITE IVF patient coordinator is available throughout your fertility journey to address your needs and help answer any questions.

Once your medical files are complete, your fertility treatment will begin. The exact details of the preparation process will depend on your chosen program.

If you are receiving fresh egg donation, you will receive medication to sync your cycle with your egg donor. Approximately 2 – 3 weeks after treatment begins, your egg donor will be ready for egg collection.

For frozen embryo programs, you do not need to synchronize your cycle with that of the egg donor and can choose the time of your embryo transfer in accordance with your convenience and optimal window of implantation.

ELITE IVF manages all communication, medical coordination and logistics between the egg donor and the fertility clinic. This ensures that all parties are on the same page and ready for both the egg collection and embryo transfer. For intended parents who are traveling to a donor’s clinic abroad, ELITE IVF organizes and manages all travel, accommodation, and treatment. 



ELITE IVF understands that timing is everything when it comes to fertility treatment. That’s why we recommend that our intended parents be available for the full week leading up to the embryo transfer.

If you are traveling abroad, we will arrange for you to arrive at the destination clinic the day before the egg collection. You will depart the day after the embryo transfer, allowing you time to relax and recuperate at your hotel.

To create the embryos, we collect the donor’s eggs and fertilize them with either fresh semen, frozen semen or a pre-arranged sperm donation. Our medical team fertilizes the eggs using either conventional IVF treatment or micro injection, depending on the type of treatment. Our expert embryology team supervises the embryos in the IVF laboratory.

Over the next 3* days, the attending physician and our experienced medical team watch the embryos to ensure optimal development. Daily reports keep you well informed of the progress made. Once embryos reach Day 3 of development, they are ready for the embryo transfer procedure or vitrification (freezing), depending on your treatment program.

In the frozen embryo program, the embryos will be carefully frozen and transported to your fertility clinic. Then, a group of viable embryos will be selected and implanted in the recipient (i.e. the intended parent or surrogate).

In the fresh egg donation program, a group of viable fresh embryos will be selected and implanted in the recipient on-site.

*A 5-day treatment module is also possible if your home referring physician agrees. This results in a blastocyst transfer at the end of a 5-day waiting period, instead of 3 days. This is also required when doing Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) because the biopsy of the embryos for their genetic analysis is done on Day 5 of embryo development.



Your path to pregnancy is our priority. A blood test will confirm your pregnancy within 10 – 14 days following the embryo transfer.

After confirmation, your home clinic continues with your medical care, while ELITE IVF provides any additional support needed during the first trimester.

If you have frozen embryos remaining and a pregnancy is not achieved, we can perform a repeat IVF cycle. If desired, we can also freeze any remaining or surplus embryos at the clinic abroad or arrange for the return embryo shipment to your home country for future IVF treatments.

Take the next step on your journey towards parenthood.


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Please express our thanks to the doctor and all the clinic staff as well because they were so professional and made the whole transfer seem effortless. Thank you again for all your help and hope to see you when we return in the next year or so for a little brother or sister.


Shawn & Jennifer, New Parents