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Making IVF Affordable for All

Profile At ELITE IVF, we know that struggling with infertility is a burden in itself, so we do everything in our power to make treatment accessible for all of our patients. We have confidence in our ability to provide advanced reproductive medical care at significant cost savings, so that our patients can receive the treatment they need and deserve.

Fairness and equality is a key theme in all of our programs because we aim to make our fertility solutions as widely available as possible, to all patients regardless of gender, religion, race, background, or finances. We believe everyone deserves affordable fertility care so they can have the family they desire.

Cost-Effective Treatment Through More Options

  • Treatment for up to 40% less. Together with our partner clinics and international network of physicians and embryologists, we have a collective commitment to fertility care that extends beyond borders and serves as a model for advanced, affordable reproductive health care. ELITE IVF’s global network of partner clinics accelerates cost savings by offering treatment in countries where care is comparable to US programs, but with lower overall fees – in some cases, 40% lower.
  • Shared donor plan for $16,000. In our shared donor plan, the ovum donation is shared by two recipients. This program provides an average yield of 6-7 eggs for each recipient and is more cost effective than our exclusive donor (non-shared) program. The total cost for the shared donor program includes the costs of air travel, accommodations for two persons staying at a five- star deluxe hotel, all monitoring fees at recipient’s home clinic, and all medical treatment costs at destination clinic, including the actual egg donation along with ELITE IVF’s signature case management team service.
  • Financing and payment plans. For our patients’ convenience, we offer financing programs specific to infertility treatments that allow you to afford an IVF solution through easy monthly payment installments.
  • Cross-border fertility program. Through our clout and relationship with an international network of clinics and fertility professionals, we bring down the cost of fertility treatment for you. By working with us, you are tapping into a savings opportunity as well as quality treatment. State-of-the-art fertility care is available at partner clinics in North America, Central America, and Europe, giving patients the opportunity to receive treatment and create savings. For our patients who want to be treated in the USA, we also offer plans to accommodate such needs, including the service of recruiting and matching intended parents with donors or surrogates and their travel to the intended parents’ clinic of choice.
  • All-Inclusive plans. Another way we make IVF more affordable is by including all IVF elements in a single-package fee, so that there are no surprises or hidden costs, and the budget is predictable, capped and manageable. In addition to the reduced costs, patients appreciate the convenience of having a complete support system that includes: a logistics coordinator to manage all travel and accommodation itineraries; a personal medical coordinator to guide the patient from day one and until a pregnancy is achieved; an on-site patient coordinator to greet the intended parents at the airport upon arrival and escort them throughout their stay; and a private chauffeur to transport the intended parents to and from the airport, hotel, and clinic, as needed.
  • Money back program. This program was designed for intended parents who want a guaranteed solution for either achieving a live birth or receiving a complete 100% refund of the financial resources invested in their fertility project in the event that the IVF treatment is not successful. While our Money Back Egg Donation Program has an overall higher fee than our standard egg donation program, it offers the benefit of reassuring patients that if a live baby is not born after receiving up to six fresh egg donation treatment cycles, their money will be refunded and available for other family-building options.
What Patients Say

“One of the reasons we opted for ELITE was the cost. The other clinics were extremely prohibitive. As desperately as we wanted a child, we didn’t have that much money. After all our previous disappointments, I am pleased to report that nine months later, I delivered a very healthy boy. He is now 7 months old and thriving. ”

Anonymous Couple

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