Money Back Guarantee

Profile Our Money-Back Egg Guarantee Donation Program offers intended parents up to six fresh egg donation treatment cycles. When a live baby is born, as a result of your treatment with us, we have earned our fee. If attempts are unsuccessful, the full and entire fee is refunded to you. With this money-back program, ELITE IVF is able to offer intended parents a share risk program while helping patients achieve their number-one goal: having a baby. Many patients find it enormously helpful to have the option of recovering or preventing potential financial losses because they can then reuse their financial resources for other family-building options.

Who is Eligible for This Program?

ELITE IVF’s Money-Back Program provides egg donation treatment to recipients who are in good health and have a healthy uterus as evidenced by a full screening evaluation, including a physical gynecological examination, various testing, and blood work. A mock trial cycle may also be requested, at the physician’s discretion. If your treatment does not result in taking a live baby home, your money is fully refunded.

Egg Donation & Financial Risks

If you are an intended parent who would prefer a premium higher-fee program to shelter or hedge yourself from any financial risks, then this is the program for you. The Money-Back Egg Guarantee Donation Program has a higher overall fee than our standard egg donation program because, if a baby is not delivered, ELITE IVF assumes the complete costs and your money is refunded in full. Essentially, intended parents achieving a pregnancy on the first attempt will pay more with this program than they would have through the standard program. However, if you don’t take a baby home, ELITE IVF assumes the risk and costs.

What Patients Say

“Please thank the team for all of their help in completing our family. You have a wonderful professional program and the stress of the experience was lessened by the professional staff”.C. T.

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