Company Profile


Since 2004, ELITE IVF has worked with the leading fertility clinics and physicians across the globe to deliver superior and cost-efficient IVF solutions. With a pregnancy success rate of 70% and a network of partner clinics located across North America, Central America and Europe, as an IVF agency, ELITE IVF is at the forefront of fertility treatments. Founded by recognized fertility expert David Sher, whose published research on egg donation and surrogacy has been cited at leading international fertility conferences and in the media, our company is a global leader in IVF treatments.


Affordable Care

ELITE is a reputable IVF agency that knows patients seeking reliable cross-border fertility care want to be treated at clinics with a demonstrated success rate and with the most advanced IVF treatment protocols available. They also want value. That’s why we work hard to keep our costs down and make our services affordable.

Modern Facilities Worldwide

More patients choose ELITE as their IVF agency because we have a global network of partner clinics carrying the most current and advanced IVF treatments available, in spacious, modern facilities equipped with the latest medical technology. Regardless of clinic destination, consistent performance is guaranteed by ELITE IVF because we monitor all partner clinics to be sure they meet the same, exacting standards.  We do this by concentrating on a highly effective network of clinics spread in only 4 countries, allowing us to offer choice but focus on quality.

Advanced Fertility Solutions

In addition to convenience and affordability, our fertility patients want to be sure they are getting the best medical care in the world. That’s why ELITE IVF only works with reputable fertility professionals and partner clinics that are recognized for their fertility care excellence. Wherever patients select treatment, they can be confident they are being cared for by medical professionals who have been trained at leading medical institutions with the latest techniques and methodologies.

What Patients Say

” Thanks to ELITE IVF and each and every member of this team without whom this beautiful dream would not have been possible.” Anonymous Patient Couple.

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