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ELITE IVF: Your Partner
in Advanced Fertility Solutions

ELITE IVF is the premium egg donation and surrogacy agency for IVF physicians and clinics around the world. We understand that you want the best clinical outcomes for your patients – and you need a fertility agency that you can rely on.

When you refer your patients to ELITE IVF, you are entrusting them to a global network of leading fertility experts and professionals who provide the highest quality of care and who will complement and reflect the standards of care that you have in your practice.

In addition to providing your patients with access to the most advanced fertility treatments in the world, referring to ELITE IVF means peace of mind for you and your patients. Our team will manage the entire egg donation, semen donation and surrogacy process to perfection – from medical, legal and financial, to travel, shipping and logistics. Throughout the engagement, ELITE IVF will provide you and your patients with exceptional results and service.


Supporting Your Fertility Patients

Referring your patients to ELITE IVF gives them access to a variety of leading-edge fertility treatments and service offerings, including:

  • Egg Donation / Semen Donation
  • Frozen, Fresh and Hybrid Egg Donation Options
  • Surrogacy Solutions
  • Conventional IVF Treatment
  • Cross-Border Fertility
  • Custom Egg Donor Search
  • IVF Cycle Coordination
  • Freezing/Vitrification (Cryopreservation):
  • Cryo-Transport of Eggs, Embryos and Semen
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
  • Embryo Donation Services
  • International Medical Advisory
  • Gender Selection
  • Fertility Financing

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