Since 2004, ELITE IVF has worked with leading fertility clinics and physicians across the globe to deliver superior and cost-efficient IVF treatments & infertility solutions. With a pregnancy success rate of 70% and a network of partner clinics located across North America, Central America and Europe, we are at the forefront of fertility.
ELITE IVF is representing a special couple who are intended parents stricken with infertility. They are looking for help in locating a kind egg donor who resembles the photo above.

If you are the right candidate a special compensation package is guaranteed, in addition to an all-expenses paid trip for you and a companion of your choice.

To learn more about process of egg donation with ELITE IVF, please go to our website
To apply and make contact with ELITE IVF in relation to this specific opportunity, please follow the SUBMIT button on this page and fill out the short form.
The opportunity is immediate
and the egg donation is
planned to take place in
November/December 2014 and January 2015
If you feel that your appearance does not exactly match the above photo, but would still like to get in touch with ELITE IVF for matching with other Intended Parents of similar profile, please proceed to SUBMIT your form as well.
Every candidate will receive a personal response from ELITE IVF.
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