Surrogacy Solutions for Building a Family

There are many reasons why intended parents turn to a full-service surrogacy solutions and egg donation agency. Having a genetic child is not always possible due to a lack of eggs, semen, or the inability to carry a pregnancy to term without risking the health of the intended mother. There are also male couples who long to build a family of their own, but cannot do so without the help of a donor and surrogate.

ELITE IVF Surrogacy Solutions

ELITE IVF offers convenient surrogacy solutions for intended parents that cover the services of finding a surrogate and all legal, financial, logistical, and medical arrangements. As a surrogacy agency, we provide you with a full service surrogacy management solution, managing all communications with relevant parties, including physicians, clinics, fertility lawyers, and if relevant, donors, involved in a surrogacy project. Customized care is at the heart of all our programs because our goal is to be a surrogacy agency that delivers a seamless and effortless service experience to our intended parents and surrogates.

Surrogacy Standard Package

Our Standard Package provides all medical, legal and logistical activities up to the pregnancy test. This program gives intended parents the freedom to choose how they manage their own pregnancy, insurance, delivery of the child, and bringing the child back to their home country.  All legal work around the project is included, such as the surrogacy contract and the pre-birth arrangements (i.e. the steps leading up to the parental court order and the representation of the Intended Parents in the court).
The intended parent/s self-manage all project tasks once a pregnancy is achieved. This includes the pregnancy itself, baby delivery and responsibility for everything beyond the pregnancy test.

Surrogacy All Inclusive Package

This program is a complete beginning to end service that, beyond the necessary IVF treatment & procedures, relieves the intended parents from the responsibility of managing the pregnancy, ongoing coordination, care of the surrogate, and exit and entry procedures for the intended parents and their newborn into their home country, as well as all related logistical and legal matters. This package includes and provides for all the flights and logistics for the intended parents to visit their surrogate during the pregnancy as well as pre-birth and post-birth accommodation near the designated hospital where birth would take place and also includes the return travel costs and arrangements of the parents with their newborn back to their home country. This program is most suitable for intended parents who wish to delegate all of the surrogacy project management responsibilities and just remain focused on supporting the surrogate emotionally and attend only the most vital hospital visits.

A Surrogacy Agency Providing Customized Service

Each Intended Parent couple receives a case management team from ELITE IVF which includes:

  • Program Coordinator (for overall intake and project management)
  • Patient Coordinator (for nursing services to the Intended Parents and Surrogate)
  • Logistics Coordinator (for flights, accommodations and logistical briefings to the intended parents and surrogate)
  • Administrator (for billing, legal and paperwork administration for each case)
  • On Site Patient Coordinator (greets and escorts the intended parents and surrogate throughout their stay at the destination clinic where treatment takes place, takes them to hotel, clinic and airport as well as any “concierge” type support. A private car with a personal chauffeur is also included)
  • General Manager who directs the whole case management team (via the Program Coordinator)
What Patients Say

“ELITE IVF’s staff made everything feel so relaxing. Every detail is fully taken care of to ensure that all runs smoothly during what can be a stressful time. The experience was truly amazing that I am actually in the process again for another couple.”

Mariana Clarke, Surrogate

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