ELITE IVF Term and Conditions

What is the process to start IVF treatment with an egg donor?

Your first step is to fill out our Find a Donor Form and inform us of your preferred search criteria for a donor. Once this form is received, our Donor Coordinator will provide you with donor options for your selection. During the selection process, our Program Coordinator also ensures that all questions you may have regarding the process and treatment are answered. Once you have received a full description of our process and your donor is selected, an agreement will need to be signed and a deposit paid in order to secure your matched donor. We will then work closely together with your fertility clinic to begin your IVF treatment and monitoring.

How long will it take to reach the embryo transfer stage?

Your embryo transfer is scheduled typically within 60 days and in some cases within 45 days from the date of your signed agreement and confirmed donor selection with ELITE IVF.

What is the recovery time after the embryo transfer?

Typically, after an embryo transfer, a patient is requested to rest at the fertility clinic for 30 minutes prior to departing from the clinic. We also recommend that a patient allow herself a full day of rest and in cases of international treatments where travel is involved, spend one night resting at the hotel prior to flying. Following the day of rest, normal activities may be continued.

How many eggs should I expect to receive?

In treatments offered through ELITE IVF, the recipient receives at least 10 oocytes when not sharing a donor with other recipients, often averaging at about 14 oocytes, depending on the program selected. The number of fertilized eggs obviously will depend on the quality of the semen used for fertilization as well as other known or unknown factors.

Is there any discomfort with the testing and procedure itself?

The pre IVF cycle lab tests include blood work and an evaluation of the cavity of the uterus. Both should carry only minimal discomfort. The embryo transfer procedure is similar to a Pap Smear or an IUI procedure and should carry minimal discomfort.

Are there any side effects to the medications used for IVF treatment?

In general, side effects to the medications prescribed may carry short term or temporary side effects such as, abdominal bloating, low-grade headaches, hot flushes and mood swings which dissipate after the treatment. However, these side effects are not known to carry any long-term risks.

Is there an age limit for acceptance into the program?

The primary factors in determining if a patient is a good candidate for an egg donation will depend on the physician’s examination of the patient’s overall physical health, her uterus and ultimately the patient’s ability to sustain a pregnancy and deliver a baby after entering the egg donation program. An advantage of using an egg donation program is opportunity to use oocytes of a person who has demonstrated proven fertility and therefore carry a high probability of fertilization and implantation. ELITE IVF Patients age typically ranges from late 30s, throughout their 40s and even early 50s.


Are donors anonymous?

ELITE IVF donors are anonymous. This means that the donor’s personal information or the ability of the Intended Parents to contact the donor directly is not available to the recipient. However, in most cases, donors are ready to disclose photos, background information, education and hobbies or special interests. Under special circumstances, the donor may be contacted by ELITE IVF, on behalf of the Recipient, in order to ascertain certain medically related information even after the egg donation has been completed.

What are donors screened for?

ELITE IVF donors are all thoroughly screened and tested for any infectious diseases, genetic health, physical and psychological well being. This is done in accordance to the highest standards as prescribed by the guidelines of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the European Society of Human Reproduction.

If I prefer to have treatment in one region, such as Latin America, would my donor be of Latin American descent?

Our donor network is large and diverse within each specific region that we operate. We work together with local donors of various backgrounds within each of our offered destinations. This means that if you selected Latin America as your preferred region for treatment, donors of different ethnicities residing in Latin America would be available to you. For instance, you could find a completely Caucasian donor of European descent living in Latin America.



Do I need to travel abroad for treatment?

If you are doing your treatment in a country where we can send our donors to your clinic, such as in the USA, then no travel will be required of you. However, if you are interested in saving up to 40% of your total egg donation treatment costs and are willing to travel to treatment destinations abroad, we offer several different programs located in North America, Central America and Europe. Depending on where you and your donor reside, will dictate if travel is needed.

Once you work with ELITE IVF, regardless of where your treatment takes place, you can expect leading medical attention at a significant cost savings.

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Are your cross border programs located in safe areas?

In all of our cross border programs, the treatment destinations are located in major internationally recognized cities with significant and regular international traveler traffic. Patients are accommodated at 5 star deluxe accommodations in the most central part of the city. The accommodation we provide is often where executives, ministers and top government officials stay when traveling to the region. To cater to this audience, the area is deemed as safe, clean and very welcoming to tourists. Our destination clinics are located in a close proximity to the hotel.

In addition, ELITE IVF On Site Patient Coordinators escort you from the moment of your arrival at the airport abroad, to your hotel, clinic and tourist attractions, always by private chauffeured car and in close contact with you via a personal mobile phone that is loaned to you by the company for the duration of your stay