We receive many testimonials on an ongoing basis and are pleased to showcase a sampling throughout this website. Some parents requested anonymity when publishing their photos publicly, resulting in the appearance of only their initials or photos of only their newborn. The testimonials are published with written permission and their records are available on file with ELITE IVF.


testimonial3“A support system is, for us, one of the primary fundamental bonds that help with making a decision of this magnitude: creating a child.  ELITE IVF has done this for us. You, as a client, determine in the first minute of a conversation whether you will accept or reject a company for a service that they are providing.  The Program Coordinator we spoke to, Simone, clinched the deal for us. Her professionalism was exceptional.  I would not hesitate in recommending ELITE IVF as a number one choice in making that decision. The team at ELITE IVF did a lot of behind-the-scenes work for us and our filing process and we appreciated their timely manner, expedient responses, explanations, hardwork, and words of encouragement given to us. We have now realized our dream of having our child thanks to ELITE IVF.”

Dr. Hagai Maoz & Hagai Zvuloni

testimonial4“Going through a surrogacy process is obviously a very complicated business… For us, it had been quite a long one, but doing it with David and the staff was our first smart move… During the whole process, the team was with us and it was clear all the time that they feel as if they are not “doing their job” but treating us like family.  We felt that everything was done by an excellent professional team every step of the way. Clearly, our beautiful kids are thankful for this team for making their delivery possible! We are more than glad to recommend ELITE IVF after a great experience with them.”

Lyne Marie

testimonial5“My experience with ELITE IVF was great.  I appreciated that the process was clear, and that all the preparations for the treatment were done at a clinic near my house. Communication via email was regular, and all of my concerns and queries were answered rapidly. I was welcomed at the airport by a friendly and efficient person, the hotel was great and the clinic was modern and of the greatest standards. Ultimately, egg donating was easier and faster than adoption and the joy of having a child of my own is priceless. I would repeat the experience in a heartbeat.”  

Charlyne & Mike

testimonial6“We were very pleased with our experience working with ELITE IVF for our donor egg IVF procedure. They were able to find a well-suited donor match to the physical characteristics and even blood type we desired.  All of our many questions and initial concerns were responded to promptly and professionally by the team.  The process went smoothly and ELITE IVF was there every step of the way.  But the best thing we can say is that we were successful and we now have a happy and healthy baby boy!  We look forward to working with ELITE IVF to help us give him a brother or sister.”

Pascale Leonard & Michel Baillargeon

testimonial7It’s a Miracle! It is so just the word, when profoundly we are thinking the way it was done! I sincerely and profoundly appreciate ELITE IVF’s support, your presence and especially your efficiency in responding to all of our needs during this process. This was our second child born with the help of your services and with the same original donor, but who knows, maybe our paths will cross yet again! Thank you, Pascale, Michel, Raphael and Emmanuel

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