Treatment Process

ELITE IVF’s Four Ps of Preference, Preparation, Procedure, Pregnancy


Profile ELITE IVF works closely with intended parents in locating a donor who best matches specific preferences and criteria. A personal and customized “Executive Donor Search” in ELITE IVF’s global donor pool is initiated and the most fitting matches are submitted for the intended parents’ selection and final approval. ELITE IVF’s donor matching service is provided to patients free of charge with no obligation to sign an agreement or pay any fees. Only after the patient has expressed a wish to proceed to treatment and approved a donor will ELITE IVF request a deposit to reserve the donor.


ELITE IVF assigns a personal patient coordinator to service intended parents on a daily basis by responding to specific inquiries or addressing special needs. Once the coordinator confirms that the patient’s medical files are complete, treatment begins, and the patient and donor begin to receive their required medication within a pre-determined, synchronized schedule. At approximately 2-3 weeks after treatment begins, the donor is ready for egg collection. Throughout the preparation period, ELITE IVF assumes responsibility and manages all communication, medical coordination, and logistics between the donor’s and patient’s fertility clinics to ensure that all parties are coordinated and ready for the egg collection and embryo transfer procedures. During this time, for patients traveling to a donor’s clinic abroad, ELITE IVF organizes all travel and accommodation logistics and guarantees a timely and convenient arrival for the procedure.


IVF ProcessIntended parents are requested to be readily available for approximately one week leading up to the embryo transfer to effectively time the procedure. Recipients traveling abroad arrive at their destination clinic one day prior to egg collection and depart one day after embryo transfer. In order to create embryos, the donor’s eggs are collected and fertilized with either fresh semen (provided on the same day the eggs were collected) or pre-arranged donor or frozen semen. Eggs are fertilized using conventional IVF or micro injection, depending on treatment indications. Resulting embryos are developed and monitored in the IVF laboratory under the supervision of an expert embryology team. In addition, the attending physician and ELITE IVF’s own medical team monitor the development of the embryos over the next 3 days to ensure optimal development, following up with daily reports and consultations with the intended parents. Once embryos reach their third day of development and are deemed ready for transfer, a carefully selected group of viable embryos is then implanted via an embryo transfer procedure to the intended parent or surrogate. During the waiting period of embryo development, recipient couples being treated abroad will receive a complimentary full-day, privately-guided tour and a meal of the local region where they are visiting, all courtesy of ELITE IVF.


Within 10-14 days after the procedure, blood tests are administered to confirm pregnancy. After confirmation of pregnancy, the home clinic of the intended parents assumes responsibility for pregnancy follow up, although ELITE IVF provides any backup guidance and support during the first trimester. Should there be frozen embryos remaining and a pregnancy is not achieved, a repeat cycle using the frozen embryos may be performed. ELITE IVF provides intended parents the option of storing any frozen and remaining surplus embryos at the clinic abroad or can arrange for return shipment to the recipient’s country of residence for future IVF treatments.

What Patients Say

“ELITE IVF was always there to adequately answer our questions promptly. They are professionals whom I recommend without hesitation because all is managed for you from beginning to end.”

Guylaine Beauchemin

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