Why Become a Donor or Surrogate?

Working With an Egg Donor & Surrogate Agency is Fulfilling

Profile Many women donate eggs or become surrogates because of their desire to help others who are less fortunate and unable to have a baby on their own. Our egg donors and surrogates undergo a thorough and rigorous screening process because helping to build families is a tremendous responsibility, one that we take seriously. Our goal is to find donors and surrogates who share our passion for helping couples who need assistance in realizing their dreams. All ELITE IVF’s egg donors and surrogates receive competitive compensation consistent with the standards and guidelines issued by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, or in accordance with the standards of the country where the donor resides.

Intended Parents Need Surrogates & Egg Donors for a Variety of Reasons

Many people who long to have a family of their own are unable to do so without help from surrogates or egg donors. Becoming a parent is a conscious decision made every day by people all over the world who have a deep desire to have a baby of their own. As fertility experts, we are committed to working with couples and to helping turn their dream into a reality. Through advanced treatments and a diverse pool of donors and surrogates, ELITE IVF assists patients build the families they desire.

Surrogacy is a Practical Solution for Building a Family

There are many reasons why intended parents turn to a full-service egg donor and surrogate agency. Having a genetic child is not always possible due to a lack of eggs or semen, or the inability to carry a pregnancy to term without risking the health of the intended mother. Egg donors and surrogates have an opportunity to play a vital role in helping couples who are struggling to have a baby due to medical issues, infertility, or perhaps the unwillingness to pass on a genetic disorder to their children. There are also many caring and nurturing male couples who long to build a family of their own, but cannot do so without help. Working with intended parents provides egg donors and surrogates the chance to help less fortunate couples who want a family of their own.

We are a Full-Service Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency with Advanced Care Options & Treatments

Our donors and surrogates are at the heart of our ability to help patients grow their families. That’s why all of our donors and surrogates receive the best care and attention from our staff and our partner clinics across the US and abroad. In addition to excellent medical care, ELITE IVF gives its donors and surrogates the support needed while engaged in family building. We have a staff of professionals to manage all treatments and logistics. We keep you informed every step of the way and address any questions you may have. We focus on your physical and emotional needs before, during, and after treatment.   Your well being and success is the key to our success and that of our intended parents. We therefore aim to achieve the best possible experience for intended parents. ELITE IVF is a reliable and trusted IVF agency that places great value on the well being of all those who come to work with us–from patients, to donors and surrogates.

What Patients Say

“I want to personally thank all of you at ELITE IVF for how wonderful everything has been. I would refer ELITE IVF to anyone that needs your services. This is my first time experience as a gestational surrogate and it has been a beautiful experience that I will always remember. ” M.F., Surrogate

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