ph_whyElite1 Patients throughout the US and around the world select ELITE IVF when they are ready to start a family and require assistance from a full service egg donation or surrogacy agency. As a reputable IVF agency, we have a good idea of what our patients want. We know this because a) they are not shy about telling us, and b) we are interested in hearing what they have to say. The following is a list of their priorities:

A Network of Diverse Donors

ELITE IVF has global partnerships and an extensive network of partner clinics throughout North America, Central America, and Europe.  This allows us to provide a custom, tailored donor search from an international ethnically diverse donor pool.  Intended parents have the opportunity to carefully review the physical traits, personality, adult photos, and background of potential donors.  Patients who want to achieve a pregnancy through IVF turn to ELITE IVF to help them start their family because we have the donors they need.

An IVF Agency With a High Success Rate

ELITE IVF has a 70% pregnancy success rate with egg donation. As a recognized full service egg donor agency, we have had the pleasure and privilege of helping many happy patients achieve their most sought after goal of a pregnancy and birth of a child. Some even come back for their second child resulting in complete ELITE IVF families around the world.  An important key to our success as a full service egg donor agency is the access to an international medical advisory team that can provide patients with second and third medical opinion reviews, as needed, resulting in an integrated multi disciplinary approach to patient evaluation and care delivering exceptional success rates for our patients.

A Full Service Egg Donor Agency That Meets and Exceeds the Highest Standards

Couples who want to achieve a pregnancy through IVF choose ELITE IVF as their full service egg donor agency because we ensure that our donors are pre-screened and evaluated for their medical, social, and psychological features, and must be found clear of any genetic or infectious diseases. Donors must be in excellent health and of proven fertility potential in order to provide the intended parents with the maximum advantage for reaching a pregnancy. ELITE IVF ensures that a great focus is placed on donor quality. Additionally, we offer professional management services for treatment, legal agreements, and logistics for those patients who locate their own egg donor but need help with implementing their treatment plan or logistics. Finally, the Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) service offered by ELITE IVF reassures patients that their embryo will be free of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities prior to the embryo transfer.

Cross-Border Care With Exceptional Value

ELITE IVF offers exceptional value as an IVF agency. Patients have access to some of the top fertility experts in the world at a fee that is up to 40% less than in the US if you are willing to travel abroad. Packages begin as low as $16,000 for a shared-donor plan, including all travel and accommodation for both the intended parents. One thing is certain: there are never any hidden fees in ELITE IVF™’s treatment packages and the prices quoted are all inclusive. This means that we factor all foreseeable costs into your treatment package. This even includes the cost of monitoring and preparation at your home clinic as well as your flights and accommodation for up to a week at a 5-star level accommodations. When abroad, you are never alone as our own ELITE IVF patient coordinators escort you throughout your stay from the airport, to hotel, clinic and tourist attractions, all in the comfort of a privately chauffeured car. Our partner clinics across the world are centers of fertility excellence wherever they are located. Fertility experts in these clinics have been trained in the US, UK or Spain and meet all certification and Health Ministry regulations in the countries where they practice.

Money Back Guarantee Program

ELITE IVF offers this program for patients who would like to shelter themselves from the financial risks inherent in other standard egg donation programs. With the Money Back Guarantee program, ELITE IVF offers up to six fresh egg donation treatment cycles. If a live baby is not delivered, the entire fee is fully refunded to the intended parents. To be eligible for this program, patients must demonstrate good health, undergo a complete evaluation, including physical and gynecological examinations, testing, and blood work. This program carries a higher fee than our standard egg donation program because the potential cost of repeated IVF attempts and assumption of risk is passed entirely to ELITE IVF.

A Surrogacy Agency Responsible for the Entire Process

At times achieving pregnancy through IVF is not a viable option, and intended parents need to use a surrogacy agency to find and manage a surrogate. Here too, ELITE IVF helps with this process every step of the way because, as a responsible surrogacy agency, we believe it is our job to make this process easier for our intended parents. Providing you with a full service surrogacy management solution, from the surrogate recruitment stage and up to the birth of your child, we manage all communications with relevant parties, including physicians, clinics, fertility lawyers, donors, and other service providers involved in a surrogacy project. Customized care is at the heart of all our programs because our goal is to be a surrogacy agency that delivers a seamless and effortless ELITE IVF service experience to our intended parents and surrogates.

Advanced Fertility Care With Speedy Time to Treatment

As your best resource for pregnancy through  IVF, ELITE IVF’s main focus is on the convenience and satisfaction of our intended parents. We offer a number of affordable options to make this a reality. We are a full service egg donor agency whose speedy time to treatment is typically 60 days, in some cases less. Having a strong global network in place ensures that our intended parents will wait as little as possible for their treatment. We have partner clinics around the globe to accommodate our patients’ needs from wherever they are in the world – within the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, or the Middle East.

An IVF Agency Offering a Variety of Treatment Packages

ELITE IVF offers the traditional service of offering the recruitment and matching of a donor or surrogate to any intended parent couple. However, for significant total treatment cost savings, ELITE IVF also offers a number of all-inclusive treatment packages to accommodate every need. Plans range from basic to premium and include all IVF medical procedures; air travel to a fertility clinic destination abroad; five-star accommodations for both intended parents; a chauffeur with private car for transfer to and from the airport, hotel and clinic, as needed; and a team of coordinators and case managers to oversee treatment and ensure patient satisfaction.  From Money Back Guarantee Programs, to PGD for Gender Selection, freezing and shipping of embryos or the delivery of a donor to your clinic, ELITE IVF has a variety of choice in treatment solutions for intended parents anywhere in the world.

What Patients Say

“ELITE IVF provided us with the support and the explanations necessary for us to consider this very special project and we took the decision within a short time. ”

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