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Making IVF Affordable for All

Struggling with infertility is challenging enough in itself. At ELITE IVF, we do everything in our power to make premium treatment as accessible and affordable as possible.
With our cost-effective options, you can gain access to the high-quality fertility treatment you both need and deserve.

Whether you are looking for IVF in Canada, the United States, or overseas, we provide more opportunities to help you grow your family.


Cost-Effective IVF Treatment Options

ELITE IVF provides a number of economical treatment options to help make IVF a possibility for everyone. Our treatment options include:

Fertility Treatment for up to 40% Less

At ELITE IVF, we have a commitment to fertility care that extends far beyond borders. Together, with our global network of partner clinics, physicians and embryologists, we offer advanced and affordable reproductive healthcare. If you are considering treatment in the U.S., ELITE IVF offers a variety of cost-effective fertility solutions. This includes traveling for treatment to another country in the ELITE IVF network, where you can access the same quality of care as in the U.S. but save up to 40% of the total IVF cost.

Alternatively, you can skip the travel. ELITE IVF will safely deliver your frozen donor eggs, or transport your semen abroad and return high quality embryos to your home clinic. This helps you to save on your total egg donation costs, while benefiting from access to a larger, global donor pool.


We Can Bring the Donor or Surrogate to You

If you are seeking treatment in the U.S., we can recruit and match you with your egg donor or surrogate.

Then, when it’s time for treatment, we arrange travel for the donor or surrogate to your local fertility clinic and take care of all the legal, logistical and medical coordination for you.


Money Back Guarantee Program

This exclusive program is for intended parents who want peace of mind when it comes to financing their fertility treatment and a guaranteed outcome.

We are so confident in our fertility team and science-backed treatment protocols, that we are happy to guarantee you a live birth, or you can receive a full refund of all fees paid. If a live baby is not born after receiving up to 6 embryo transfer cycles, you will have the freedom and finances to invest in other family-building options.

Our Money-Back Egg Donation Program is a premium service that protects your financial investment. As such, the fee is higher than our Standard Egg Donation Program but delivers an absolute success guarantee


All-Inclusive IVF Treatment Plans

We offer single-price all-inclusive programs so you can budget for your fertility journey, without worrying about hidden costs.

Now, you can enjoy the convenience of having a complete solution and support system – with predictable and transparent costs, packaged into a single point of contact, along with performance and outcome guarantees.


Shared Egg Donation Options

In our shared-donor plan, the fresh egg donation is divided among two recipients. This provides an average yield of 6-8 eggs for each recipient and is more cost-effective than our exclusive donor program.

The total cost for the shared donor program includes:

All medical treatment at the destination clinic, including the egg donation

The costs of air travel for the intended parents

Accommodation for two at a 5-star hotel

All cycle monitoring fees at the recipient’s home clinic

ELITE IVF’s signature case management service


We Can Bring the Donor Eggs and Embryos to You

Through our frozen donor egg and embryo programs, we match you with the perfect donor eggs for your family.

We manage all of the logistics to deliver your frozen donor eggs or frozen embryos safely to your fertility clinic for implantation – saving you time and money from excess travel.


We Offer a Signature Hybrid Program

Our signature hybrid frozen and fresh embryo program is one of the first of its kind in the industry. In this program, instead of flying you – the intended parents – to the destination clinic where your egg donor is waiting, we combine the benefits of fresh and frozen donation to bring your frozen embryos to you.

First, a frozen semen sample is created at your home clinic. ELITE IVF then transports the sample to one of our leading destination clinics where it is used to fertilize your donor’s entire fresh egg cohort. The resulting embryos at day 5 (blastocyst stage) are then frozen and transported to your fertility clinic for implantation at your convenience. This results in some of the best fertility outcomes, while saving you time and travel costs. We provide you with the highest guarantee of frozen blastocysts in the world, ensuring that your investment in building your family is secure.

Whether you are looking for IVF in Canada, the United States, or overseas, we provide more opportunities to help you grow your family.


Financing and Payment Plans

We offer flexible and affordable payment options for fertility treatment and IVF solutions. This financial flexibility allows you to defer your payments and start your fertility journey today.

Experience the ELITE IVF difference. Start your family today!


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One of the reasons we opted for ELITE IVF was the cost. The other clinics were extremely prohibitive. As desperately as we wanted a child, we didn’t have that much money. After all our previous disappointments, I am pleased to report that nine months later, I delivered a very healthy boy. He is now 7 months old and thriving!


Anonymous, NEW Parents