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david2It is absolutely wonderful to be in a service that is focused on helping people become pregnant or start a family. Getting up in the morning to “go to work” has taken a new meaning for me. It’s not really work, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about a deep commitment to serving intended parents in their most important life goal pursuit.

We all wish to know the purpose of our being in this wonderful life. Most of us hope that when our short time on this planet has reached its end, that we would be able to leave an impact on those around us. To know “we made a difference.” For me, having the chance to impact so many wonderful lives is rewarding beyond any words that I could describe. Since 2003 and over the years I’ve met such a broad range of wonderful people struggling to have a baby that I decided to make it my mission and calling to facilitate and create meaningful solutions for couplesĀ struggling with infertility.

Like everything in our world, fertility care is changing at a very fast pace, and mostly for the good. Reproductive technology continues to improve allowing my organization to offer fertility solutions that can meet any challenge that our patients encounter. We work hard to keep our costs down for the benefit of our patients and to accommodate the needs of all our intended parents, whether they want a basic plan or a premium one. We also accept patients from all walks of life, age, creed, religion or sexual orientation.

One of the best things about being a global IVF agency is that we are not restricted to any one location, but have, instead, a wealth of options to offer our intended parents. We currently offer cross-border fertility solutions that allow our patients to fly to any number of convenient clinic destinations in our global network and receive treatment at up to 40% less than a comparable program in the US. For those who wish to stay in the US, we provide donors and surrogates who are American-based, as well.

Meeting our patients’ needs is always our primary goal, and we take this responsibility seriously. In fact, one of our mantras is “Details Drive Results.” We firmly believe this approach always wins out. This means listening to what our patients tell us, talking with our physicians and partner clinics, continuous education year round through attendance of medical conferences, and giving our intended parents very personal attention from the moment they come to us and until they are pregnant. We do this so that we can stay focused on our patients’ number one mission: having a baby. Being able to impact people’s lives in such a positive way is inspiring. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.

With best wishes for success to you!

David Sher

David Sher

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