Standard Egg Donation

Our agency’s egg donation program provides an exclusive or shared donor for a single fresh egg donation cycle. The program is an all-inclusive package that includes all IVF medical procedures and services required for the egg donation cycle, as well as air travel for the intended parents, and five-star hotel accommodations for the duration of the treatment. From recipient work up and monitoring and up to the pregnancy follow up, everything is included in one convenient package. This all-inclusive model is unique to ELITE IVF and is not available at any other agency or clinic in the world, offering patients significant cost savings as well as the benefit of being well informed in advance by way of a single flat rate fee of all expected services included in a full IVF egg donation cycle. Due to the many variables in a typical IVF treatment, it is not uncommon for clinics or agencies in the field of IVF to have hidden costs.  At ELITE IVF, we respect and value our patients and we demonstrate it both through excellent service and treatment quality but also by how we approach the treatment from the onset: communicating everything upfront and including and owning to the responsibility of a single flat rate, all inclusive pricing.

Ovum Donations: Exclusive and Shared Egg Donations

Recipients interested in our agency’s egg donation program want to know the difference between the following services:

  • Exclusive Donor Program
  • Shared Donor Program

In our exclusive donor program, the ovum donation (or oocytes) retrieved from the egg donor are for the exclusive use of one recipient. The average expected allocation for this type of egg donation is 14 mature eggs. In the shared program, the ovum donation is shared between a maximum of two recipients. This type of egg donation results in an average expected allocation of 7 eggs per recipient.

ELITE IVF’s Egg Donation Program – What is the Success Rate?

ELITE IVF has an overall 70% success rate. When it is time for egg retrieval, our fertility experts use the necessary IVF procedures to collect the eggs from the donor, fertilize the oocytes with semen (either from the recipient couple, or if arranged in advance, donated semen) and then transfer the resulting embryo to the patient. Our partner clinics use the most advanced reproductive technology available and we utilize donor eggs from women who have excellent health and proven fertility.

How Does ELITE IVF Find and Select its Egg Donors?

In order to find an egg donor, all egg donors must undergo extensive medical screening, which includes a physical exam, blood work, and a detailed medical and psychological assessment. We also screen for infectious and genetic diseases. As a responsible IVF agency, we are obliged to conduct rigorous screening to meet with what our patients expect and deserve.

What Patients Say

“We were extremely impressed with ELITE’s professionalism. The staff was beyond reproach. Our patient coordinator, Emily Altchouler, was always available, irrespective of whatever crazy hour I called her with a silly question. She even answered the same questions repeatedly without getting upset. Within an hour or two, she would also respond to any e-mails that I sent her.” P. R.

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